Generative Massage Therapy

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B.W.   Always a good massage. Mendhy shows concern for your aches & pains and responds       accordingly. Her popularity is evi‚Äčdent by her schedule. Book early!

K.G.   I am so glad that now there are two excellent therapists in town. Mendhy and Jessica are the best I've ever been to. They both have a healing touch.

K.E.   I have had aches and pains for years. I have been to many different massage therapists. MassageWorks has give me quite a bit of relief, I give it two thumbs up. Mendhy is on time, and very professional. She is an expert in her field. I will be returning for more therapy.

A.H.   The massage I receive from Mendhy helps both my middle-aged stiffness, my specific injury sites and allows me to relax deeply. She is truly a holistic health care provider with exceptional skill and kindness. I can't recommend her highly enough.

C.P.   This was my second visit and very pleased. You always hear about people getting massages and nothing really long term comes from it. I beg to differ. After the first visit I could feel a change for the better. You can tell there is quality and care offered. She came through with all the claims in her advertising. And would Recommend this company to the fullest. Thank you.

A.E.   I haven't had a massage in years & yesterday had the BEST massage ever! I was able to relax, enjoy & in the end felt SO much better than I did before I went in. The muscles were less tense. Mendhy was able to concentrate on the specific areas in need, while also providing a complete body massage. My neck, back & now complete body feel rejuvenated & ready to tackle another week of work with the phones & computers ..Thank You Mendhy! I would recommend everyone to Mendhy.

M.C.   The office was very clean, quiet, and relaxing. Mendhy was awesome and was very knowledgeable. One of the best massages I have ever had. One of the very few therapists able to massage deep enough for me.