Generative Massage Therapy


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Insurance FYI

If you have health insurance there are a few questions to ask your carrier to make sure you have coverage that allows you massage treatment sessions:
1. Does this care need to be pre-authorized/pre-approved?
2. Do I need a referral from my primary care provider?
3. How many visits are covered per year?
4. Is there a co-payment or co-insurance?
5. Does my insurance require a referral from my physician?

If you are unsure of this process we would be happy to call on your behalf to verify benefits. Just let us know!

Insurances that we currently accept are:

Personal Injury
Labor & Industry
Kaiser Permanente
​ Regence
First Choice
American Whole Health
Optum Health

*If you don't see your insurance listed please call to verify coverage. Many insurance companies allow out of network benefits. We are happy to call and find out if your insurance carrier works with providers who are not in their network