Generative Massage Therapy


Canyon Creek Massage is now MassageWorks


 In August 2013 Wendie Riley retired from her career as a massage therapist. Canyon Creek Massage was purchased by Mendhy Johansen, owner of MassageWorks. 
When making the decision to sell her practice, Wendie sought for a skilled and reputable therapist. Wendie not only knew of such a therapist, but Wendie was also a client. After careful thought and planning between the two therapists, Wendie Riley could retire, knowing that the person taking over her practice (the business she had worked hard to build over the years) was purchased by a person she could truly feel comfortable referring her clients to.
Please take a few moments to look around MassageWork's website. Contact Mendhy Johansen directly if you have any questions as to how this transition may assist you.  (253) 381-6700

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